Proud to have bred

The following Champions and winners:


Out of FT CH Jobeshill Octavia: 

FT CH Stauntonvale Story  (Qualified IGL 2013, 2015) 

Open FTW Stauntonvale Scandal of Garshake  (Qualified IGL 2016)

FTW & Ir. FTW Stauntonvale Terrano of Dunamoira (Qualified Irish Championship 2016, 2017, 2018)

FTW Stauntonvale Sciava

FTAW Stauntonvale Sangiovese at Jobeshill


Out of FT CH Jobeshill Lotta of Stauntonvale: 

FT CH Stauntonvale Fastnet  (Qualified IGL 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017) 

FT CH Stauntonvale Tic Bean  (Qualified IGL 2017, 2018) 

Open FTW Stauntonvale Buckwheat of Llangynidr (Qualified IGL 2018)

FTW Stauntonvale Fitzroy

FTW Stauntonvale Irish Sea

FTW Stauntonvale’s Mr Grey

FTW Stauntonvale’s Moneypenny

FTAW Stauntonvale Humber

FTAW Stauntonvale Viking of Westmacott

FTAW Stauntonvale Lundy at Trentinney

FTAW Stauntonvale White Millet


Out of FT CH Stauntonvale Fastnet: 

FTW Stauntonvale Moose Milk

FTW Stauntonvale Hot Toddy of Rushbrigg

FTW & Ir. FTAW Stauntonvale Lime Wood at Aneeterbeg

FTW Stauntonvale Heathy Lea